At New Life Inc, you will:
​Become a member of a close knit family.
Have the chance to examine all aspects of your life.
Discover a clear vision of who you are, utilizing the 12 steps of recovery.
Be able to apply the 12 steps in all areas of your life.
Learn how to live life on life’s terms, without the use of drugs or alcohol.

What to expect from New Life Inc:
​Structured and supportive environment​
Access to a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
12 step focused atmosphere
A minimum of 3 drug test per week
Weekly house / peer meetings
Free long distance phone/cable/wireless internet/house computer
Laundry facilities/detergent
Employment assistance and professional counseling referrals
Centrally located to 12 step meetings, grocery store, and public transportation
All amenities provided except for food, personal hygiene, and bedding.
All utilities are included

Items you must bring:
Bed Linen
Personal hygiene
Prescription medication
Form of ID
Alarm Clock
Enough money to buy food or other essentials

Items you can bring:
Vehicle (must be legal)
Pictures / Posters
Cell Phone / Radio / TV
Recreational Equipment

Items not to bring:
Narcotic Medication​
Clothing with alcohol pictures
Weapons of any kind
Mouthwash or meds with alcohol
Things that cannot be replaced

Application for entrance ​