We accept credit/debit cards, cash, check and money orders. Please note: any fees paid to New Life will not be refunded.

call to apply (828) 702-4509


The entrance fee ($770) and first four weeks of fees ($780) are due up front in order to give members time to find employment and eventually become self-supporting. New Life Recovery will assist members in finding employment, but they must be willing to put in the leg work.

After the first four weeks, the weekly fee is $195, due every Friday by 7pm. If you are unable to pay on time or the full amount, we ask that you communicate with management as soon as possible in order to make payment arrangement. Communication is very important at New Life, we know that times are hard and we are willing to help out as much as we can. 

Entrance fee (nonrefundable)                          $770.00

First 4 weeks (due up front)                              $780.00

Total (due upon entrance)                                $1,550.00‚Äč