My experience at New Life helped to put my life in the right direction. Even though I know the choices I make are my own decisions, I would not be on the path I am without their help. I have almost 18 months clean today, along with that comes 18 months of not hurting myself, my family or people close to me. I have peace in my head today. New Life helped me put structure into my life and was the transition I needed to be the responsible person that I am today. The respect and understanding I received from all of the managers at New Life taught me how to respect myself as well as others. They provided a safe environment to work on myself without judgment. I would not be where I am at in life today without the guidance and love I received from New Life. Thank you all for loving me and helping me learn how to love myself.


I came to New Life in May, 2014 and honestly it was the best thing I've ever done. I had been bouncing around from detox to halfway houses for about a year and never could seem to stay sober. I didn't know what I was lacking until I came here. New Life provided me with a high accountability recovery environment that is extremely family oriented and a staff that goes above and beyond to help their clients. Since I came to New Life I have found a sponsor and I'm doing in-depth step work which has helped me to repair a lot of damaged relationships with my loved ones. I am also learning how to make and build new meaningful relationships with others. I really feel like New Life has played a very important role in saving my life.

~ AM

When I moved across the country to Asheville I was fresh out of rehab, in a totally foreign city with no friends or support group other than family back home. I was excited to have the drugs out of my system and have a fresh start at a new life, but had no idea how to live sober in recovery. New Life provided me with the accountability I needed to stay on the right track, support in attending meetings and finding a sponsor, but most importantly finding ways to have fun in recovery with a solid group of guys. After 10 months at New Life I've moved on, but will forever be grateful for providing me with everything I needed to give myself the better life I deserve.

~ MB


I was in active addiction for over ten years. I had lied, cheated, and stolen from anyone I could. I had no sense of pride, no self-esteem, and was physically, emotionally, and spiritually broken down. I had already been to treatment centers, and had very little success. It was until I came to New Life that things began to turn around for me. With the help of New Life I have found a new way to live. I am truly living a "new life!" I've learned out to be my own man, fully self-supporting financially, accountable to myself, and to others. I almost feel sorry for "normal" people who do not get to be involved in this process and this program, because this is such an amazing experience to be a part of. There are people in this program that I've come to love and to consider a part of my family! I've grown so much from being here in New Life and for that I will forever be grateful!

I began my recovery journey at New Life in October 2012 and was a resident until July 2013. Over those 10 months, New Life became my family.
I moved 9 hours away from my own family to find a new way of life and I felt like a part of me was missing. Thankfully, the women and men at
New Life were welcoming, supporting and loving. I spent my first clean Thanksgiving away from family and that was my first experience with the love New Life and recovery had to offer; we had a huge Thanksgiving feast with all the residents and house managers and I felt like I finally belonged somewhere. New Life taught me to be responsible and to be accountable. I learned to follow rules and for once in my life, I was willing to. I learned how to live in a house with women and allowed them to get to know me. I gained friendships with those women who are still a huge part of my life today. And most importantly, New Life helped me stay clean and made me excited to be apart of a recovering community. Without the wonderful people I met during my time there, the structure, and accountability, I would not be the person I am today. I am forever grateful to New Life Recovery.

~ KB

New Life has really helped our son in so many ways. He has been drug free for over a year. His attitude and personality has improved 100%. We as his parents has seen a complete new person in him. He now wants to accept responsibility in everything he does. He is outgoing and willing to help others. We as his parents are VERY PROUD of him and what he has become. We owe a great deal of appreciation to New Life for helping him overcome the ordeals that were holding him back. We want to say Thank You to all involved at New Life, and if it wasn't for New Life our son may have ended up dead.

~ Proud Parents

It’s with a heart full of love and gratitude that I say I can’t thank New Life Recovery Residences enough for the experiences in recovery that it has offered my daughter, and in turn, my family.

My daughter’s 12-weeks of in-house rehabilitation was followed up with a stay at a recommended half-way house, but the fit was not good. She talked to Matt and his staff at New Life, and they were so accommodating to make a bed available for my daughter and get her moved in quickly.

At New Life, she’s made a home, found another family, and is involved every moment of every day in devotion to recovery. The staff’s emphasis on accountability and responsibility allows the residents to be in charge of their lives and their recovery, but know that there are people they can count on and who are there for them 24/7. The group activities allow for great bonding and sharing experiences, and the camaraderie between the residents is truly spiritual. The houses are so nice, and well-kept, a place each resident can be proud to call home. My daughter is loving her life again, loving her home, loving her recovery family.
​Thank you, New Life, for your guidance, your ethics, your dedication to your residents, and for your successes in recovery!!

~ TH (parent)

After visitations of three other recovery facilities in the Asheville area we landed at New Life and immediately upon meeting Matt and Nick we knew this was the place for our son. We sat down discussed rules and regulations and expectations. These are hard choices in life and we went with our gut feeling and never looked back. The environment there offers an excellent chance for rebuilding. As we all know in life, there are no guarantees but with the right surroundings and the right people, the opportunities are endless. The management team at
New Life have always been there for consultations and support. The experience has been firm but loving and honest. If you are thinking Asheville, NC, think New Life.

~ TB

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I would like to thank you and the entire New Life organization for saving my grandson. Their program not only provided a homey, safe environment for him but the program and the employees of New Life provided him with hope and confidence. He was always an intelligent and caring person but the drugs took all of that from him. The support he receives at New Life has given him the self-respect and self-confidence he once had.

There is no way to explain the great impact you and New Life have had on him and our entire family. You not only supported him, but you provided us with the assurance that our "boy" was in a good, moral, and caring place. He has excelled through your program and can now actually see a future for himself. Thank you for providing such a wonderful program to those who are struggling with problems but, through your program, are able to find love and caring.

I realize that this program is a difficult step and it is not an easy road; but the New Life program and staff gives everyone the chance to make a better life for themselves. I have -- and would again -- recommend the New Life home and program to anyone desiring to make a positive change in his/her life because I KNOW that New Life works!

~ M​​